The FPV F6 is an automobile which has been produced in Australia by Ford Performance Vehicles since 2004. It is a high-performance derivative of the Australian Ford Falcon. Prior to the release of the FG series F6 in 2008, the sedan and utility models were marketed as the F6 Typhoon and F6 Tornado respectively. The F6 is based on the modern-classic Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo sports sedan. The F6 engine is based on the XR6T motor, a turbocharged 4.0L Inline Six, but includes: a modified FPV airbox (with Dual Ram Air intakes), higher strength conrods, larger air to airintercooler, high flow exhaust system, higher capacity fuel pump, and a Garrett GT3540 (same as the BA/BF XR6T) turbocharger with an external gate (up from the GT3040 on the FG XR6T)running 0.64 bar of boost on the BA/BF models and 0.91 on the FG. This engine is known for its wide, flat torque curve, with peak torque of 565 N·m (417 lb·ft) available from 1950 to 5250 rpm(FG F6). This equates to strong acceleration throughout the rev range. The F6 represented a diversification of sorts for FPV, broadening the reach of the brand to turbo buyers, a typically younger demographic than the V8 buyers that the Australian manufacturers traditionally cater to. The NSW and Queensland Police Services use the FPV F6 Typhoon as a pursuit vehicle.

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